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How to choose the best obstetrician for your delivery

How to choose the best obstetrician for your delivery | Dr Neil Wallman

Dr Wallman will be with you all through your pregnancy journey and birth

One of the first things you’ll need to do when you realise you are pregnant is to find the right obstetrician for you. Choosing an obstetrician can be one of the most difficult decisions a woman has to make. It is essential that you find a doctor you feel comfortable with and that puts you, your health and your preferences first.

Supporting parents on the journey from pregnancy to birth

One factor that sets Dr Wallman apart from other obstetricians is that he will be with you all the way.  While it’s common for women to attend appointments with one obstetrician but then find themselves in the hands of a new doctor for the birth itself, Dr Wallman makes himself available 24/7 for all births and will be there for you when your time comes.

This is one of Dr Wallman’s favourite parts of his job; to be available at all times for his patients and be there for the delivery of their baby. He feels it is greatly appreciated by his patients to have the doctor of their choice by their side the whole time. As a result, mothers can expect a positive and reassuring pregnancy and childbirth experience.

How to choose an obstetrician

When deciding on the obstetrician you want to go with, there are some factors to take into consideration. What kind of birthing experience would you like? Are you more comfortable in a hospital setting, surrounded by medical equipment and the latest technology or do you picture yourself in your home surrounded by your family?

It is important to find a doctor who aligns with your individual preferences. You may need to ask yourself questions such as:

  • Will the doctor be present at the delivery?
  • Does the doctor explain things clearly and completely?
  • Will my doctor support my desire to aim for a drug-free birth?
  • Does the doctor seem like someone who will respect your wishes?
  • Will my doctor support my birthing preference, e.g. hypnobirthing?

Find out the doctor’s attitude about issues that are important to you, such as the routine use of interventions like IVs, continuous electronic foetal monitoring and episiotomies. Is the doctor supportive of natural childbirth and is breastfeeding encouraged? Dr Wallman offers the highest level of expertise in care and management for expectant mothers.  This includes management of water births, calmbirthing and hypnobirthing. He also collaborates with Adrienne Wheatley (Lactation Consultant, Midwife, Child Health Nurse) to provide breastfeeding support.

How to choose the best obstetrician for you

Perhaps you already have an obstetrician or a gynaecologist or perhaps you don’t. If you are looking for an obstetrician for your journey that can make you feel relaxed, give Dr Wallman’s friendly support team a call to arrange an appointment and see what Dr Wallman can do for you.

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